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We will preserve until our last breath : Demirtaş

30 October
11:09 2016

AMED (DİHA) – HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş considered the recent issues to DİHA (Dicle News Agency). Demirtaş pointed that an actor of new “Security Concept” Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu is a man for dirty businesses. But we will not afraid and escape.We will preserve until our last brearh.

As Demirtaş answered the questions of DİHA ;

*How do you consider as a lawyer about one of the hot agenda that is detention of Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayors Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı?

Persecutor didn’t preparing accusation yet but according to summery of proceeding, the custody records or the persecutor’s press speech asserts are extremely far-fetched and made up without evidence.
Mrs. Kışanak had made a statement which is about espouse to self-determination in Democratic Society Congress (DTK). Kışanak is a co-mayor of DBP (Democratic Regions Party) and DBP offers self-determination in their official party constitution. Of course she will espouse the idea of self determination. Therefore this statement doesn’t includes crime. on the contrary this a freedom of thought.

“ Serving water to guerrilla’s martyrdom” They accuse against Mr. Anlı by an evidence of picture which was fake. The original one had been taken in opening ceremony of DİSKİ ( Diyarbakır Water and Sewerage Presidency). Government media says “Municipality became a base of PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party).Municipality sent their all resources to mountain.” With these fake evidences .Namely being taken into custody of co-mayors are illegal. They even break current laws.But if they arrested them this will be wholly killing the law. Because there is no any reason to arrest them.
*It is commented that a decision the possibility of arresting Kışanak and Anlı may be a form base to arrest other deputies, co-mayors.What do you think?

They started from our party’s county executives to county co-mayors.If you look carefully you can see now they are trying to arrest our metropolitan municipality co-mayors.Then they will try to arrest deputies as well. So, why do they attack us? Because they aim to by-pass us before a possible snap election or referendum. They know we will win elections against them in Kurdistan.Therefore they may arrest everyone even me.But what are they going to do with people? This movement is not going only with three people. There are millions and millions will react on street or in election day against this policies.

*As you mentioned , Prime Minister Binali Yılldırım has denied CHP (Republican People’s Party) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu words’ that there will be snap election. How will Government act if there will not be snap election?

There is no fair condition for election right now ; Even so we are a party who already had won election in the hardest conditions. We are the people’s movement party. We run election campaign in spite of pressures and cheats. But If Government imposes a snap election under the dictatorship and fascistic atmosphere we will not accept and there will be heavy consequences. We only accept the election under the democratic atmosphere. We will respect if we lose the election under this condition.

* Firstly President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan then Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu had mentioned about new “Security Concept”. How would you interpret this?
These all show us that there will be much more heavier attacks against democratic politics. Government media already started to write about assassination with Government directive. İt is possible that Government may use some paramilitary forces, assassins again like they used in 90s. They changed some names in cabinet for this new dirty “Security Concept”. New Interior Minister is one dirty man for this dirty concept.He had charged for this businesses. But I can clearly say that we are not going to step back. We are not a movement that gives up its struggle.Soylu is not the first. We have seen many murderer minds like Soylu.They may kill. But they will pay the price soon or later.

* How do you consider policy of Turkish Government on Mosul and Ar-Rakkah Operations?
Specially AKP (Justice and Development Party) is anxious about Rojava developments .Because its against AKP’s ideology. Kurds started to gain. Therefore AKP considers these gains as a threat.AKP’s also enemy of South Kurdistan ( North Iraq) in spite of seems allied. If they have access to there they would destroy Hewler Parliament building and hang on Turkish flag.


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