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You can cut off internet connection but you cannot cut off connection between us and people :Demirtaş

29 October
15:15 2016

AMED (DİHA) -HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş is continuing to speak people in Amed. Demirtaş "If you are still persisting that people are angry to us ,let make free the press, open internet connection, lift the blockade. Then we will see whether they are angry to you or to us" said to AKP Government.

Demonstrations led by DTK (Democratic Society Congress),KJA (Free Women's Congress), DBP (Democratic Regions Party) and HDP are continuing today as well in the aftermath of Amed (Diyarbakır) Metropolitan Municipality co-mayors Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı being taken into custody. Before the demonstration HDP deputies have visited Amed crafts to call them the demonstration. Police forces have blockaded the dozens streets with armored vehicles. In spite of blockade thousands citizens have gathered with "We will win withstanding" , "Muderer, robber Erdoğan!" , "This is just beginning of the struggle!" , "Women, Life and Freedom" chants in front of DBP party building.

HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş has made a speech to citizens. Here's is the Demirtaş speech summary;
"A large number of co-mayors had been arrested or discharged. Trustees had appointed to our 26 municipality. We do know what AKP wants to do. The one who chosen by people takes office.He/she becomes people's will. If he/she doesn't serve then he/she leaves. Erdoğan and AKP have been using any means available and discretionary funds. They had sent Gülen's businessmen to holiday with state money.During the election process we distributed election bulletin, they disbursed money. In spite of this they could not win election against us."

"Government doesn't announce Ankara Municipality's budget .Now I am asking to Interior Minister and President. If you are still claiming that Our municipalities' sent money to PKK (Kurdistan Worker's Party) , and if you have any evidence we all are going to resign from mayoralty, deputyship. But we and they know this is a huge lie. There is no such a thing. Look at the Justification of Anlı and Kışanak being taken into custody. Fırat anlı had been participated the opening ceremony of DİSKİ (Diyarbakır Water and Sewage Management). A picture had been taken while he was cutting the ribbon for ceremony.Then they had montaged this picture as opening ceremony of cemetery.They assumed it as "evidence". Why doesn't prosecutor prove if he has got document which is about municipalities send money to PKK."

"Society was polarized "
The society is rag such huge that neither us nor anyone will know when they will blow out. There is pressure over the prosecutors, judges, journalists, businesspersons. Free press was seized. Rests of them were silenced. They had polarized the society. People greet each other according to their political opinions. There wasn't such a culture in our society. But the society was separated to difference ideology.

"Each of us is a smart phone, a television"
No one, including main opposition party, is reacting against these pressures. We are the hope of this country and oppressed people. Our way is peace, brotherhood, freedom and justice's ways. We will tirelessly go to people from home to home. There wasn't internet connection in 90s. 10 people were reading a newspaper. Was there cell phone? Each of us a newspaper, a television and a smart phone. Everyone should accept their tasks.


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