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Erdoğan wants to make dominant a new invasion mind : Baluken

29 October
12:08 2016

AMED (DİHA) - HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) group deputy chair İdris Baluken said that the political move we declared to public opinion will break AKP's fear emperor up and bring its political end.

Baluken described aim of the political move they declared after AKP's unlawful practices against democratic fronts. "Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP power aim to disband democratic space and this disbanding is connected with destroying the Kurds will.

"A new move wanted to defeat AKP's anti-democratic policies"

"We had expressly mentioned that "Subjugation Plan" has activated in 2014. Kurdish People showed historic resistance .The ones who expect to have result with "Subjugation Plan" failed and their policies collapsed." said Baluken.

"The meeting was historic"

Baluken stated that we accept that we failed to satisfy as democratic fronts. Therefore meeting up for this new political move was important and "historic". "Organized move is needed for this attack concept against from local authorities to public space, from free press to the society's cells."

"We are going from house to house"

"The times cannot being stand even to TVs and newspapers every means available have been using to block the ways between truths and people" remarked Baluken. "If they practice special war concept such as cutting off internet in Kurdistan then we have decided to contact directly with people to inform them about the reality. We have been going from house to house in Amed for two days.We are sharing our opinion and informing recent events. An enormous synergy came up. Now we need to use this energy and synergy to build up on an organized frame and convert to democratic reflex." Baluken said.

"Erdoğan wants to form a new invasion mind"

Erdoğan desires to destroy Kurds' will and annihilates their all political gains. He wants to make dominant colonialist and invasion minds in Kurdish cities .Specially remember Sûr, Cizîr, Sîlopi. He was saying "We will re-conquer all these cities". This is outpouring of colonialist minds.


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