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Life safety of Kaya and Kızılkaya in danger

29 October
10:18 2016

İSTANBUL (DİHA) - Özgür Gündem newspaper editor İnan Kızılkaya and executive editor Zana Kaya are under the aggravated circumstances .Kaya's brother Musa Kaya said that He is concerd about Zana Kaya and his co-worker's life safety.

Zana Kaya and İnan Kızılkaya have been arrested since two months in Silivri 9 Prison. The journalists on lockdown also devoid of reading newspaper and book. The other days Kaya's Brother Musa Kaya went to see his brother and conveyed that lockdown is still continuing.

"Why don't they provide newspaper to journalists?

Musa Kaya stated that every meeting day He brings newspapers but wardens don't let them take.As Zana's brother conveyed that Zana could only have three books in two months. "Why don't they provide newspaper to journalists?" said Musa Kaya and added "This is a cruel and inhuman treatment".

"We can see each other only 15-20 minutes"

Even though officially Thursday is visiting day with Zana but I have to make a call to ask exact day and time to officers. Otherwise they always find a pretext to cancel our visiting day. Also even though officially visiting time is 50 minutes but we can see each other only 15-20 minutes.


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