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We demand to find murderers not compensation: Antep Explosion's Victims

28 October
13:14 2016

DÎLOK (DİHA) -57 people had been killed by suicide bomb attack at Kurdish wedding ceremony in Dîlok (Antep) on September 20.After two months state officials didn't catch perpetrators yet. "Nevertheless they offered to pay compensation to us" says Kasım Yavuz who had lost his son in the explosion.
Families of victims think officials are glossing over massacre.Because court file is still unreachable by the order of prosecutor under "confidentiality order".

"State knows definitely who did this massacre!"

"Government didn't do anything for investigation despite they know the perpetrators." Yavuz said.Nevertheless government had offered money to us as they had offered to Roboski Massacre's victims. Also they offered to "martyrdom" too.But we will not accept this.

We are not expecting anything from government except a thing: Finding the perpetrators.However government doesn't find any perpetrators who attacked against Kurds.

"We are looking for murderer not money"

Government officials offered money to Hüsna Çelik too who had lost her son in the explosion.
Çelik's son was working and studying before he was killed bomb attack by İslamic State members.Mother Çelik stated that Our financial situation is not healthy.All of family members are workers.But we didn't expect anything from government except to find murderers.Because We are looking for murderer not money.


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