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"Trustee" retasks for women center personnel: From woman center personnel to sanitation worker

28 October
11:45 2016

ŞIRNEX (DİHA) - District governor who was appointed as a "Trustee" by AKP Government to Cizîr Municipality has retasked 13 personnel of Sitiya Zin Woman Center including sociologists and psychologists' positions to sanitation worker. "Trustee" also had fired 7 workers without any reason.

Cizîr Governer Ahmet Adanur who had appointed as a trustee to Cizîr Municipality had arbitrarily fired 7 municipal employees.The Employees who had fired Muhyeti Duymak , Nurettin Bayık, Ekrem İndi, Hasan Bilgiç ,Nurettin Elkol, Sacide Dal ve Rahime Akıl weren't informed for what reason they were fired.

"No official report no reason!"

An employee who had fired Hasan Bilgiç was working public relations department before "Trustee" was appointed.Bilgiç said that His position had changed two times after "Trustee" and now I was fired. "Administrative unit informed me by call that I was fired. They didn't provide me even an official report nor any reason.

DİSK (Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey) Şırnak branch co-chair Zeynep İdin said "It appears that this unlawful operation will continue.Lawyers will take legal action. We are sure that we will win the case.Because there is no even a reason.". İdin also claimed that "We don't show any reason because we are hegemon of the law." Trustee said.


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