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Allegations of weapons shipment from Reyhanlı to Atme Camp

28 October
10:36 2016

HATAY (DİHA) - According to local sources 6 trucks were transported from MİT's (National Intelligence Organization) base in Reyhanlı (Hatay) to Atme (Syria).

Atme is a town located in Idlib which is hold by Al Nusra and Ahrar Al Şam with 16 different salafi organizations. Local sources also informed that mobilization still continues. Recent days there is mobility between MİT bases to Atme Camp. Couple days ago 6 trucks covered with canvas were transported to Atme on Bükülmez Village' way. The trucks also entered the Bükülmez Military Base before transport to Atme according to witnesses.

There were also allegations by ANHA (Hawar New Agency) there was weapon shipment with 20 trucks from Bükülmez Military Base to Atma Camp.ANHA had claimed that 20 trucks loaded munitions had transported from Turkey side to Atme Camp.


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