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Demirtaş: There will be resistance until we take our municipalities back

27 October
17:08 2016

AMED (DİHA) – HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş met with thousands citizens in front of Municipality building of Amed to protest detentions of co-mayors of Amed. “We have seen many snap elections until now.But not anymore.There will be resistance until we take back our municipalities” said Demirtaş.

Thousands citizens gathered today in front of town hall as they gathered yesterday to ask freedom for co-mayors of Amed (Diyarbakır) Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı. Thousands citizens poured in front of town hall before Demirtas’ statement. Hundreds polices and a large number of armored vehicles surrounded the town hall.

After a while DTK (Democratic Society Congress) co-chair Leyla Güven,HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş,DBP( Democratic Regions Party) co-chair Kamuran Yüksek and HDK (Peoples’ Democratic Congress) co-spokesman Ertuğrul Kürkçü met with citizens in front of town hall.

Politicians researched the municipality building which was raided and vandalized by police forces then they met with corporations before go out to citizens .

“Chants against police threats”
Thousands citizens gathered on the street “ We will win withstanding” and "Repressions can't intimidate us" chanted highly with HDP deputies and DBP mayors. Police forces threaded citizens on occasion and citizens reacted with chants.

Co-chair Demirtaş had a speech about recent events.

Demirtas’ speech summary;

“We will hardly work and elicit this despotism”

I thank you all on behalf of our party for solidarity with us against this unlawful policy.Firstly there is no internet connection in any of Kurdistan cities since yesterday morning. Dissident televisions were seized and usurped. Press worker are shooting now but their center will not air by virtue of scaring from palace. But we will go from house to house ,from morning to night .We will touch our people’s hands and look at their eyes. Because eyes are the best way to communicate with some one.We will look at each other. They closed TV channels but they cannot close our mouths. We will hardly work and elicit this despotism.

“We oppose the Palace’s prosecutors”

We will not comply with these policies. No one has freedom to commit a crime such as take under control the law. Neither a president nor ordinary citizens. No one has freedom to commit crime but everyone has right to fair trial.We are not against the rule of fair trial but there is no such a thing right now. AKP’s law committee force to judging me . Do we have to be judged by such a persecutor? We are against persecutors who follow Palace’s perspectives.

“ Pay attention to Topbaş and to Gökçek who supports terrorism
First we fine if our co-mayors had robbed. I will tell you flat. Our co-mayors notably Kışanak and Anlı use every means available for peace. No one can accused our co-mayors to support terrorism,to provide guns or supporting violence.
If you are looking some one who supports terrorism look at Ankara and Istanbul. Look at Topbaş and Gökçek .Look at who yielded half of Ankara and İstanbul to Gülen Movement. You can not testify that even a penny was stolen from our municipality.

We have seen many snap elections until now. But not anymore. There will be resistance until we take our municipalities back.


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