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Amed people: No difference with July 15 coup attempt

27 October
14:16 2016

AMED (DİHA) – People of Amed poured in front of town hall when they heard detentions of Amed municipality co-mayors Kışanak and Anlı.Citizens voiced at once that they will not give up from their political gain. Citizens also mentioned that there is no difference between current situation and coup attempting of July 15.

“Almost trustee will be appointed to our house”
An activist Recep Uzut (57) mentioned that detentions and the raid are despotism to people and the government almost will appoint trustee to our house. “It is cruelty to the people’s will. I call the people. All people must revolt against despotism. People’s will is people’s honor.” Uzut said.

“We will win withstanding”
“All these things are happening is a part of Subjugation Plan” says Bekir Korkmaz (32).Korkmaz also thinks that “AKP government is planning to arrest our deputies after detentions of mayors”. Korkmaz also point out that AKP has no democratic principle therefore they are not allow even for sit-in protest. Therefore there is no difference between current situation and coup attempting of July 15.But Our people had resisted against the Cruel Dehak. Mayors and deputies we voted are our politic representatives. Most of them are in prison right now. Amed People are under the persecution by State of Emergence’s rules. But we will resist and we will win withstanding.

“People are going to be winners”.
A citizen named Teyfik Yavuz said that Kurds were detained and Erdoğan is targeting Kurds under the name of “Fight against FETÖ”. But we will be at streets not only today also every day. It is time to stop this atrocity. They will not succeed in this. We will not give up and we will be winner.

“Today is the time for unity”
A citizen named Nazire Baran condemned fiercely and mention that today is the time for unity. I call people to protect their will. Today is not the time for hide at home. Today our co-mayors were detained. We all die if you keep silence today.We are protecting our Municipality from 7 to 70.They are already killing us. Therefore it doesn’t matter we die today or another day. Erdoğan is FETÖ itself.


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