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Çakıroğlu who hit Ayşegül Terzi releases from prison

26 October
17:46 2016

İSTANBUL (DİHA) - Abdullah Çakıroğlu who allegedly hit a woman named Ayşegül Terzi in the face for wearing shorts in public space was released from prison.
Abdullah Çakıroğlu had hit in the Terzi's face in public bus on last September 20.After couple days Çakıroğlu was detained to put in jail by court judgment. The first trial of Çakıroğlu was heard today in court house of Anadolu in city town of Kartal. The Court board decided to release on the condition of trial without arrest for Çakıroğlu. Prosecutor had asked to prison sentence for 9 years and 4 months from the court board.Trail was delayed for December 21.

After the court board's decision Terzi felt faint and woman protest the decision with chants.
Witnesses of Çakıroğlu and Terzi's were listened in trial.After witness' statement security camera of bus watched which has recorded incident. Women rights organizations demanded to add the case.Çakıroğlu's lawyer objected to demanding of women rights organization under the reason of that his client hit Terzi for wearing short and also he is neurotic and bipolar.Therefore there is nothing about women rights violation. Woman rights demand was sustained though Çakıroğlu's lawyer objection.


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