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Central Government seizes Hênê Municipality through “appointedtrustee”

5 October
14:22 2016

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Kocaköy district governor is appointed as ‘trustee mayor’ for Municipality of Hênêin the wake ofthe arrest of DBP (Democratic Regions Party) co-mayor Abdurrahman Zorlu.

DBP co-mayor Abdurrahman Zorlu was taken into custody on September 8 in Hênê (Hani), Amed(Diyarbakır).After 22 days in detention, he was arrested by the allegation of “being member of an illegal organization”by the court, and a trustee is appointed for mayor’s office.According to latest information received, Kocaköy District Governor Yusuf Turhan is appointed as ‘trustee mayor’forthe Municipality of Hênê. Abdurrahman Zorlu had won the local election with landslide victory in 2014.

AKP government occupied a total of 29 DBP municipalities under the name of ‘appointed trustees’ throughdecrees.


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