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Bombing in rural area of Mazgêrd

6 May
18:59 2016

DERSIM (DİHA)-Rural area of Mazgêrd (Mazgirt) district, where “curfew” was declared, is being bombed by helicopters.

Bombardment which was started with declaration of “curfew” in Dewreşan and Xişnar villages in Xiran region of Mazgêrd (Mazgirt) district in Dersim is ongoing. Local sources have reported that surrounding area of Keçeran and Dewreşan villages are being bombed by helicopters.

It is stated that too many soldiers have been deployed in the area of Gori Baba, which is regarded as a sacred place, and citizens in the villages are not allowed to get out of their houses.

House raids have been made in some villages of the region.