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Before money there was barter

30 April
21:29 2016

AMED (DİHA) - Amed Ecology Assembly has set up a Barter Bazaar saying “Bartering is not to give what is useless or unfunctional”. Çilem Akkaya, member of Amed Ecology Assembly has stated that before money, barter system was used for trading. She explained that their aim is to end consumption frenzy and revive a communal culture instead of a selfish culture.

Conducting activites within the body of Amed Ecology Assembly, Commission of Communal Economy has brought in something new. It has been returned to “bartering” which is the oldest and non-profit social economic system. A barter bazaar has been set up under the banner "Hûn Bi Xêr Hatin Bazara Pevguhartinê" (Welcome to the Barter Bazaar) before the garden of Sümerpark Ecology Association. Citizens have traded by bartering in the bazaar where books, clothes and jewelry took place as well as lots of works of art. Barter Bazaar will be set up in different districts of the city once a month.

‘Previously there was no money but bartering’

Speaking in the Bartering Bazaar, Amed Ecology Assembly member Çilem Akkaya said: “With the invention of money, capitalist system made it become widespread and drove people to a terrible consumption habit. We want to minimize this habit by this way”.

Stop consumption frenzy!

Stating ever since the shopping malls have opened, people have been shopping although they are not in need of Akkaya said : “All green fields have been occupied by shopping malls. People are shopping madly although they don’t need at all. Here, our aim is to develop barter culture and move away from consumption frenzy”.


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