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Clashes intensify : 2 special operations officers died

28 April
22:15 2016

ŞIRNEX (DİHA) - During ongoing violent conflicts in Şirnex, two special operations police one of whom is first lieutenant have lost their lives. Also several special operations police have been wounded.

On 45th day of genocide attacks in Şirnex (Şırnak), while bombardments and violent conflicts continue at the city center, 2 special operations police have lost their lives in the conflicts in İsmetpaşa and Yenimahalle neighborhoods. Heavy bombardments in İsmetpaşa, Cumhuriyet, Dicle, Gazipaşa, Aydınlıkevler, Yenimahalle and Bahçelievler neighborhoods continue. Plumes of smoke seen in the neighborhoods where violent conflicts take place.

It is learned that in the conflicts between state forces and YPS (Civil Protection Units), YPS-JIN (Civil Protection Units-Women) members, a first lieutenant has lost his life and 3 special operations police officers have been injured in İsmetpaşa neighborhood in the morning hours.

Also during the conflicts in Yenimahalle it is reported that a special operation police officer has lost his life and several of them have been injured.

Intense activity of helicopters continue in the city and countryside.

On the other hand, Şevket Kolankaya, a gendarmerie specialized sergeant (Gendarmerie Special Operations) died in GATA military hospital where he was taken into for treatment. He was wounded during conflicts in Şirnex in the previous days.


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