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Human shields in operation area

23 April
20:10 2016

- Several people including HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) deputies have gone to Licê as human shields where ground operation has been mounted subsequent to air bombardment.

In the countryside of Licê (Lice) district, Amed (Diyarbakır), while “curfew” has ben declared in 16 villages after the ongoing bombardment from morning hours by warplanes, military operations from ground has been started in the countryside. Against the operations have been started in the region, several people including Kocaköy District co-chair have reached the area from Licê and Karaz districts for human shields. A committe consists of HDP Amed deputies Sibel Yiğitalp, Nursel Aydoğan and HDP, DBP (Democratic Regions Party) directors have been gathered with human shields.

In Derxust village which is an operation region, human shields’ waiting with deputies continues.