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“AKP will account before history”

21 April
21:11 2016

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Roboski families keep on demanding justice on the 225th week of massacre, said that AKP will give account before history some day.

Families of 34 civil citizens who were massacred as a consequence of bombardment of TSK warplanes on 28th of December 2011, gathered upon their relatives’ grave on the 225th week of the massacre. Berivan Encü who has made a statement in the cemetery said that they will keep on demanding justice as long as there won’t be fair trial about military and political responsible for Roboski massacre which was intentional and planned. Stating that AKP who whitewashes Roboski massacre, maintains it’s dirty policies for acquiting perpetrators, Encü said that AKP will certainly account before history and justice.

“Children need peace”

Referring to April 23 Children’s Day Encü said : “There will be April 23 Children’s Day celebrations in a country where children are massacred, exposed to violence and abused. We are calling out to parliament which acquited our children’s murderers. Our children need peace and justice not celebrations. Judge and punish the murderers, not the ones saying ‘don’t let children die’.”