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Military ceremony for YPS-Jin member Dorşîn

24 January
21:21 2016

MARDİN (DİHA) - YPS-Jin (Civilian Defense Unities - Women) held a funeral ceremony for Dorşîn who died in Nusaybin last night.

Armored vehicles blockaded the Kışla and Zeynelabidin neighborhoods of Nusaybin last night. An attack was organized to the armored vehicles. A member of YPS-Jin, Dorşin (code name), died in the conflict. YPS-Jin members held a funeral ceremony for Dorşin. Thousands of people participated to the funeral ceremony which was held in the Zeynelabidin neighborhood. The ceremony was begun by standing in silent.

Call on youths

Denîz Bagok made a statement and said, "A dirty war is conducted by the colonists on our lands. Our comrades are fighting for our lands. Dorşin gave her life to this struggle. We didn't start this war, AKP did. We appeal to all the Kurdish people especially the young men and women; How long will you keep silent? Aren't you aware of the war in Kurdistan? We call on all young people to join YPS."

After the statement, YPS-Jin gave Dorşin's coffin to women in the neighborhood. Dorşin's body was taken to Nusaybin State Hospital for autopsy.