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HDP: We are with resistance no matter what price is

20 December
22:43 2015

ANKARA (DIHA) – HDP Parliamentary Group Representatives released a statement in relation to the war that the AKP government imposed in Kurdistan expressed that they are with the people of Kurdistan by explaining “we accept the legitimacy of our people. We will not fail to be with the legitimate demands of our people and will always stand by the resistance of our people.”

HDP (People’s Democratic Party) Parliamentary Group Representatives Idris Baluken and Çağlar Demirel have released a written statement in relation to the war that the AKP government has started towards the Kurds. The statement which suggests that the war concept had carried on in the past as well, saying “what is going on in the area has reached a point that is not recognized within any law concept. Although there are anti-democratic practices, there is a law of state of emergency and of strict management too. In fact, there is a law of war, and rules that need to be abided by but law is being left out in the area today. The curfews, which are declared in the area, does not regulate with any kind of legality which causes civilians to be stripped off their basic rights.”

'We are with the resistance of people'

The statement also declared that HDP is to stand against injustice by declaring "The AKP should not think that they can scare us by acting this way. They should know very well that our philosophy in life is that 'To live is to resist' so we will never bow down our heads towards threats and blackmail. We will not give up being with the resistance of our people. We will continue to hold you (AKP) responsible for the injustice that has been made.”