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Peace Mothers at vigil in Sur

11 December
19:30 2015

DIYARBAKIR (DİHA) - A group of Peace Mothers have become human shield in order to prevent clashes and people from dying in the Sur district of Diyarbakir where curfew is ongoing for 9 days.

During 9-days curfew in Sur district of the main Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, a group of Peace Mothers activists have become a defensive shield in order to prevent people from dying. They have shown resistance with the people and resisted in the banned streets.

The Diyarbakir governate declared a curfew on the morning of 2nd of December and lifted it at Thursday night. It announced the new curfew at 16.00 today.

16 activists of Peace Mothers have reached Sur a day before the curfew in order to form a barricade in defense to the attacks imposed by the Turkish special forces and police. Peace Mother activist Cahide Alkan said “We have come here so nobody will die anymore. Everyone needs to come to Sur so that more blood will not be shed”.

Self-defense repel police

She spent 10 days on a street amid curfew and said that there was great resistance against what was ongoing inside houses, too. “The police and special forces attacked Sur but when they faced with the resistance of the people, they had to leave” Akan said.

'The mosque was burnt down by police'

Akan also responded on Turkish media claiming the Fatih Paşa (Kurşunlu) Mosque in Sur "being burnt by civillians" saying “They say that civillians of Sur have burnt the mosque. Why would a person burn anywhere in a place that they live in? The Fatih Paşa Mosque was burnt down by grenade launchers that the police used’’.