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France points to MIT in killing of Paris women

24 July
17:08 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - French lawyers have alleged that Turkish intelligence service MIT was behind the killing of three Kurdish women activists in Paris in 2013.

Le Monde has published the official French inquiry in the case of the killing of Kurdish woman politicians Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez in Paris in 2013. The 70-page document, the result of two and a half years of investigations, has officially pointed to Turkish intelligence service MIT in the massacre.

The killer, Ömer Güney, was in contact with high-level MIT official K.T., but Ankara has still not responded to allegations about the contact. "Numerous elements allow us to suspect the implication of the MIT in the instigation and preparation of the murders," says the report, which notes that Ömer Güney was acting as a spy with contact with a number of MIT agents.

The inquiry notes that Ömer Güney asked for the Turkish embassy in Paris to be alerted when he was arrested, awakening suspicions among investigators.

According to Antoine Comte, the lawyer for the women, this is the first time that an official inquiry has implicated a foreign intelligence service in a political murder committed in France.