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Istanbul women 'insistent on peace'

6 July
10:13 2015

ISTANBUL (DİHA) - Women in Istanbul said “We voted for peace, no to war government” in a rally they held in Taksim against the war plans of the AKP government in and outside the borders of the country. The women joining the rally called on everyone to insist on peace and also critised the AKP-led media organs’ language touting for war.

A large number of women in Istanbul gathered at Taksim Tunnel and then marched to Galatasaray Square responding the call of women’s organisations, including Women’s Initiative for Peace, Gökkuşağı Women’s Association, Free Women’s Congress (KJA), HDP Women’s Coordination and Istanbul Feminist Collective. The women opened a banner which read: “Peace will not come with massacres in Kobanê and plans of occupation in Syria. Women are insisting on peace”. Other placards at the rally read “ISIS the murderer, AKP the collaborator”, “No peace if there is war outside”, “We voted for peace, no to war government”.

The march was also attended by HDP's women deputies for Istanbul, Pervin Buldan and Filiz Kerestecioğlu as well as HDP Istanbul branch co-chair Ayşe Erden and artists Nur Sürer.

Police first blockaded the street with armoured vehicles in order to prevent the march but then lifted the blockade after a discussion with the demonstrators.

The women frequently chanted the slogan “Raise voice for peace”, while also making noise with clapping and whistles.

When women reached the Galatasaray Square, press statements in Kurdish and Turkish were read out. Women stressed that the massacre perpetrated in Kobanê by the ISIS gangs on 25 June turned women more determined to continue their struggle for peace, but concernedly drew attention to the fact that the massacre of 25 June demonstrates that there is a new war plan.

Women drew attention to the plans of the AKP government for war in Rojava and Syria and stressed that it becomes impossible to build peace while there is a war waged outside the borders.

Calling out to politicians, women said “while there is a new parliament where the differences of the country are well represented, do not bring forward war and war bills as a solution to any problem”, and recalled that a new government has not yet been formed and thus a temporary government cannot take the decision of war in the name of millions. Women stressed that the majority of the society voted for peace in the elections and thus the new parliament must act to sustain peace.

Women also urged media organs to stop touting for war, and called on all the media to be the voice of peace and to make peace journalism and make the language of peace prevail.

Following the speeches, the women ended the rally by vowing to step up the struggle for peace.