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'Zilan, the re-creator of the goddess culture'

30 June
10:59 2015

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Free Women’s Congress (KJA) released a written statement to commemorate Zeynep Kınacı who had sacrificed her life in Dersim on June 30, 1996.

Free Women’s Congress (KJA) described Zilan as a comrade who resisted the pains, massacres and injustices targeting the people of Kurdistan, and the re-creator of the goddess culture that has been under deceitful and sneaky men for thousands of years. KJA stated that Zilan joined the Kurdish Freedom Movement in 1995 and had resisted bloody massacres targeting Kurdish people.

KJA said that Zilan carried out the action where she sacrificed her life in order to raise her voice against the damages Kurdish people and Kurdistan had sustained as well as the oppression targeting Kurdish women. Excited by Kurdish women’s resistance for freedom, Zilan always emphasized the social aspects of state and masculine oppression targeting women, as well as the need for approaching women’s issues from a emancipatory perspective.

KJA stated that Zilan became the goddess of women’s struggle for freedom on June 30, 1996 when she said that she wanted a free life and carried out the action where she sacrificed her life. KJA described Zilan’s self-sacrifice as a strong resistance against the murders of women, youth and elderly in Dersim.

KJA described Zilan’s role in the creation of a free woman’s profile as a qualitative leap in women’s freedom struggle. KJA recalled Zilan’s pride in following the path of martyrdom for women’s liberation, and said that Zilan’s complete internalization of women’s freedom lights the freedom path of all women. KJA commemorated the 19th anniversary of Zilan’s (Zeynep Kınacı) martyrdom and emphasized their commitment to the memories of Zilan.