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Die Linke's Binder: Turkey has opened a new door

10 June
11:01 2015

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - Karin Binder, an MP from Germany's left party Die Linke, said that Turkey's June 7 election opened new doors for Turkey.

Karin Binder visited Diyarbakır to observe the elections as part of a delegation of politicians and NGO representatives. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Co-mayor Fırat Anlı discussed the Friday explosion at a Diyarbakır HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) rally, saying the 2015 election results were a result in part of respect for the victims of that attack.

Karin Binder wished her condolences for the massacre. "After the Sunday elections, there's been a new door opened for Turkey. This will bring with it many changes," she said. Karin called the HDP a sister party of Die Linke.