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YSK releases temporary results of elections

10 June
09:22 2015

ANKARA (DİHA) - Turkish Supreme Election Board (YSK) has released the temporary results of June 7 General Elections. YSK stated that 47,507,389 out of 56,608,817 voters went to the polls on June 7.

YSK declared 46,161,049 votes to be valid and 1,346,340 votes to be invalid, and said that the turnout percentage was 83,92.

According to the YSK statement, 45,119,570 voters cast their votes inside Turkey, 918,311 citizens went to the booths overseas, and 123,168 people voted at custom gates.

According to temporary results, AKP became the first party with 18,863,832 votes and a percentage of 40,87. CHP was the second party with 11,518,404 votes and a percentage of 24,95. MHP became the third party with 7,519,103 votes and a percentage of 16,29.

YSK stated that HDP became the fourth party with 6,058,150 votes and a percentage of 13,12.

The SP-BBP coalition received 949,893 votes and a percentage of 2,06.