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AKP’s election irregularities continue

7 June
18:12 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - AKP’s election frauds increasingly continue across Turkey.

AKP’s election frauds increasingly continue across Turkey. Ballot papers already stamped for the AKP have been discovered at the ballot box numbered 1111 in Milli Egemenlik High School located in Siirt. An official statement was made and official complaints were filed regarding the incident.

Lawyers object to election irregularities

The presiding officer at the ballot box at Tem Primary School in Avrupa Konutları neighbourhood of Gaziosmanpaşa district of Istanbul guide the voters to stamp both on party logos and on the names of independent candidates. The lawyers of the HDP objected at the presiding officer and took a report down on the action which renders the votes invalid.

In the meantime, 2 women by the name of Ayşe Gülyılmaz and Elif Aktaş tried to cast vote for AKP despite being unregistered at No. 1064 ballot box at Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School in Fatih Neighbourhood of Esenler district of Istanbul. The election observers of the HDP took report of the incident down through the lawyers. Also at No. 1242 ballot box at Emlak Konut High School in Bahçelievler district of Istanbul, already stamped ballot box papers were discovered. The event has also been reported down.

Pro-AKP village guards attack HDP supporters in Urfa

Pro-AKP village guards attacked HDP voters and election observers with knives and stones in Urfa. Threats and attacks against HDP voters and election observers in Urfa continue. Village guards attacked election observers in the Minut (Yücelen) village of Siverek district when the observers objected to several cases of civilians voting openly. Sinan Oktan was stabbed in his liver during the attack and remains to be in critical condition. HDP supporters Dağıstan Dengtav Oktan, Ferhat Oktan, Mehmet Oktan, Suat Oktan, Hüzni Oktan and Hüseyin Oktan were also injured.

HDP’s Urfa parliamentarian İbrahim Ayhan visited the injured members of Oktan family in the hospital. Many HDP supporters have gathered in front of the hospital as police continue to protect the village guards who are responsible for the attack.

Disabled HDP voter obstructed

A visually-impaired HDP voter was obstructed at the ballot box set up in 80th Year Primary School in Izmir’s Bayraklı district. Ballot officials challenged the authenticity of the voter’s visual-impairment and prevented his companion from entering the voting booth. Lawyers from the Libertarian Lawyers' Association (ÖHD) described this obstruction as illegal and objected to it. HDP voter was able to cast her vote after this objection.

HDP observers attacked in Edirne

More reports are coming through about election frauds committed by the AKP across Turkey and North Kurdistan since the beginning of the voting as of early hours in the morning. Fascist civilians threatened pro-Halkevi observers and attacked a member of the HDP at Karaağaç Primary School in Edirne. An unregistered person was caught casting a vote at Erhan Gedikbaşı High School in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul. The vote was cancelled. AKP ballot box board member A.Ç. was caught voting twice at İmam Hatip High School in Maltepe district of Istanbul.

AKP-stamped ballots caught in Karşıyaka

Police caught AKP supporters who were carrying AKP-stamped ballots to Cemil Akyüz Primary School in İzmir, Karşıyaka. AKP supporters attempting this election fraud have been arrested.

Here are some other irregularities:

- Dozens of ballot papers were found on one person in Samsun. Police intervened against those who objected to this person.

- 6 people, casting illegible votes for the AKP, were obstructed by HDP election observers in Gaziantep.

- A vehicle without a license plate parked in the garden of Şehit Öğretmen Ayşe Numan Konakçı Primary School in Kayapınar was removed by the police following the warnings of local people.

- Election observers visiting the ballot boxes in Kırıkkale were not allowed to enter several schools by the police.

- Several Syrian citizens have escaped after getting caught in Dr. Kamil Tarhan Primary School in Mersin as they were casting votes.