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Election frauds in North Kurdistan

7 June
12:21 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - As voting began at 08:00 this morning, election frauds started in North Kurdistan.


Despite the Supreme Election Committee (YSK) ban on election propaganda today, CHP flags have not been removed in Dersim and CHP announcement vehicles continue to tour around Moğoltay neighborhood.


As voting began in Bingöl, election observers experienced the first prevention attempts. Counter-guerillas and soldiers threatened an observers’ committee from Sweden as the committee tried to enter a school for election observation. After an argument, counter-guerillas and soldiers threatened the committee with death if they failed to leave immediately, which forced the committee to go to another village nearby.

Counter-guerillas and soldiers have been positioned at the polls in Bingöl and several counter-guerillas in Solhan’s Gelintepe village voted without their ID cards. HDP election observers in the villages of Bozkanat and Gelintepe also received death threats from counter-guerillas and were forced to leave the polls.


Police prevented observers from all political parties from entering Selim Hazar Dağlı High School in Elazığ’s Cumhuriyet Neighborhood before voting began. This is unconstitutional because observers have the right to observe pre-election preparations, but the police violated this right by saying that all observers would enter the school once voting begins.


AKP Provincial Chairman Abdurrahman Çetin forced voters in Yazıcı village to cast their votes openly. After public outcry, observers from HDP and France went to Yazıcı village and intervened in this irregularity.


As voting began in Ardahan, observers in Balıkçılar realized that there were 412 ballots despite the existence of 83 voters in the village. Similarly, extra ballots were discovered in Göle district and Çullu village.


AKP candidate Abdulselam Er came was accompanied by counter-guerillas as he came to Hürriyet Primary School in Sungu, Hasköy. It has been reported that counter-guerillas vote in groups and prevent lawyers and journalists from entering schools in the predominantly Arab district.


Observers in Van stated that the police have forced all substitute observers to leave the schools they have been on duty across the city.