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Demirtaş: I hope votes will conduce to peace and freedom

7 June
12:20 2015

ISTANBUL (DİHA) - HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş has cast his vote at Mevlana Secondary School in Sultanbeyli district of Istanbul.

In a short statement to reporters, Demirtaş said “I hope the votes will conduce to peace and freedom in Turkey. It is my wish that everyone will wake up to a free morning and a new life once the polls are opened.”

Recalling the fact that they have completed a challenging and undemocratic election campaign, Demirtaş underlined; “Still, we tried to enhance hope, ambition for peace and the feeling of fraternity. I believe we have achieved this yet before the opening of the ballot boxes.”

HDP Co-president stressed that; “We will cast our votes for our children, grandchildren and a free future. I believe we will promote coexistence, no matter what the outcome is. Despite all the unfavorable developments, we are going to succeed. Nobody should abandon their hopes. This country has a very strong democracy dynamic and we grounded our campaign on it.”

Demirtaş also called on all election observers to not to leave the ballot boxes until official results are announced to avoid any kind of election fraud.