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Latest polls have HDP entering Parliament

5 June
09:37 2015

ISTANBUL (DİHA) – The latest polls in Turkey have the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) overcoming Turkey's high electoral threshold by a comfortable margin. The KONDA Research Company puts the HDP's percentage of the national vote at 12.6%.

Yesterday, with three days to go until Turkey's hotly contested election, the KONDA Research Company released what will be the last election poll before voting day. The polling company puts the AKP at 41%, the CHP at 27.8%, the MHP at 14.8% and the HDP at 12.6%--enough to pass Turkey's 10% electoral threshold to enter Parliament. Other parties get 3.8% of the vote.

3,543 in 30 provinces participated in the polls, which showed 88% participation in Turkey's election. The poll did not include voters living outside of Turkey.