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Seasonal woman workers: We'll vote HDP for equality

3 June
15:02 2015


- The seasonal workers in Turkey have to work and live in bad conditions.

The seasonal workers in Turkey work in the nut and tea vineyards in Black Sea region, in the sugar beet and peanut fields in Central Anatolian Region and the cotton fields in Mediterranean Region. The capital city Ankara is one of the major address of the seasonal workers. Hundreds of Syrian refugees have to live as seasonal workers there. The seasonal workers are working in the sugar beet fields 14 hours a day, but they are taking only 45-50 liras.

Seasonal workers, coming from Kurdish cities of Batman, Diyarbakır, Urfa, Şırnak and Syria, have to live in bad and difficult conditions in Sarıoba village bound to Polatlı district of Ankara. There are 70 families with a population of nearly 700 in the tents of the village.

One of the seasonal woman workers, 44-year-old Nesra Ekinciler, was got married forcibly at the age of 12. Ekinciler is working in hard conditions for years. She told about upcoming elections, saying: "We are working much more than men, but winning less. It is the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) which can understtand our problems and pain. HDP put a crucial importance on women, and especially labourer women."

We do not want to work like a slave both in the houses and infields, added she. Ekinciler added, "We will go to Adana province. We will go to the polls and vote for the HDP," concluded she.

'If HDP enters parliament, it will be voice of young women'

20-year-old Ayşe Çakar will vote for the first time in June 7th general elections. "We were working in the infields, and did not go to the polls before. But, now we will go. We will go to our homeland and vote. If HDP enters the parliament, it will be voice of young women. Therefore, we will vote it in order to pass the election threshold. HDP is the party of young women. The ruling AKP is trying to inhibit the HDP not to pass the threshold with with dirty policies. So, everybody must support the HDP," underlined Çakar.

'AKP is foe of women, HDP is friend of them'

Zeynep Canpolat (57) said she was working for 40 Turkish liras inspite of her old age. "Enough is enough. We want to live in a humane way anymore," chanted the old women adding she will vote for the HDP in order for passing the electoral threshold.

She noted, "AKP is foe of women, HDP is friend of them. Let's claim the HDP all together."