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Both parties come to an agreement in Renault resistance

27 May
18:52 2015

BURSA (DİHA) - On strike for 13 days, Renault workers signed a protocol with 9 articles with their employers.

In Bursa province Renault workers, on strike since May 14 for pay rise, made a deal with their employers. Upon employer's offer, workers were going to hold a referendum last night but due to a disagreement among the workers, the referendum was cancelled. In this morning, workers signed the protocol and packed up their 13-day-old resistance tents.

Protocol’s 9 articles (shortened):

1- None of the workers will be dismissed.
2- Complaint against the workers will be withdrawn.
3- All workers will benefit from trade-union’s rights.
4- An analysis for improvement will be made considering the latest labor contract, workers’ request, seniority and hourly pays.
5- In a week, all workers will be paid 1000 Turkish liras as advance payment.
6- In the end of each year, workers will be paid at least 600 Turkish liras as bonus depending upon their performances.
7- If workers choose a spokesperson, he will be recognized for the communication issues.
8- Workers will be paid 480 Turkish liras as bonus from the bank they receive salary.
9- Oyak Renault won’t demand compensatory damages which might have been during the resistance. Besides, workers won’t file a complaint against Oyak Renault.

What happened?

On May 14, 5.600 Renault workers went on strike for pay rise in Bursa province. Almost all of the workers quitted from Metal Workers Trade Union of Turkey because they weren’t glad with the management of the union. Workers continued to strike without a union.

Workers demanded rise in wages based on collective labor agreement (TİS). TİS was contracted Dec 14, 2014 between Metal Workers Trade Union of Turkey (Türk Metal) and Turkey’s Metal Industrialists Union (MESS) and the contract includes years between 2014 and 2017.

On strike like Renault, workers of companies like Tofaş, Coşkunöz, Mako and Ototrim in Bursa had come to an agreement with their employers and started to work.