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Renault strike ongoing due to disagreement

25 May
15:45 2015

BURSA (DİHA) - On strike for 10 days, Renault workers explained they would go on strike due to disagreement with the employers.

Renault workers in Bursa have gone to strike since May 14 and haven’t come to a conclusion since then. Strike goes on. Spokesperson of workers, Erhan İmralı, explained they would continue to strike. İmralı stated that workers were glad that Tofaş, Mako and Coşkunöz workers came to agreement with their workers on May 21.

'MESS didn’t accept the improvement'

Erhan İmralı, indicated that they wanted to start work by giving the details of their first meeting with General Manager, Ales Bratoz: “We’ve been keeping our righteous resistance since May 14. We accepted the proposal of General Manager Ales Bartoz related to the monetary rights and other subjects present in labor contract signed for BOSCH factory by Turkey’s Metal Industrialists Union (MESS) and Metal Workers Trade Union. However, after two hours and fifteen minutes, we were informed that MESS didn’t accept the improvement of Labor Contract and the meeting was over.”

'Proposal like a joke'

İmralı: “They made a proposal like a ‘joke’ today because they revised it. We announce the public opinion that we will accept the proposal of Renault’s General Manager Ales Bratoz made on May 20.” Workers are still shouting slogans against MESS and Metal Workers Trade Union in front of Oyak Renault factory.