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Resistance of workers continues

17 May
20:49 2015

BURSA (DİHA) - Production at Fiat’s car manufacturer halted, as workers joined colleagues from Renault, another auto maker part-owned by a European giant, as they protested wages and other employment conditions.

The workers remained in front of the plant’s premises as the employees declared a holiday until May 18. A Renault spokesman said work at the factory stopped late on May 15. Workers are protesting at the country’s biggest automobile exporter.

Efforts were underway to resolve the stand-off with the 2,500 protesting workers outside and inside the plant in the northwestern city of Bursa. On May 15, workers at Tofaş, a joint venture between Italy’s Fiat and Turkey’s Koç Holding, staged their own protest, stopping the assembly line.

Some 5,000 people work at Tofaş’s Bursa plant, as talks between workers and management were continuing. A union official said earlier the action at the Renault plant amounted to a protest, but a strike had not been formally declared.