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Avaspi Nature Festival started

17 May
13:53 2015

ŞIRNAK (DİHA) - The 4th Avaspi Nature Festival, organized by Uludere Municipality, has started.

Thousands of people participated into the opening ceremony of 4th Avaspi Nature Festival, organized with the motto of "Let's claim our land, water and nature" by Uludere Municipality, at the morning hours. The locals rushed to the Avaspi Flatland 5 kms far from Uludere district of southeastern province of Şırnak.

The placards demanding support for an ecological life, flags of PKK, KCK and YPG were hung to the square field. The locals put on their traditional clothes and turned the area into array of bright colours.

Hundreds of youngs formed an "Apo, PKK and HDP" writing with their bodies, chanting slogans of "Long live leader Apo" and slogans in support of HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party).

The massive festival began with one minute respect silence.

The crowds of people are dancing halays accompanied with Kurdish songs.