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Textile labourers: We'll vote for HDP this time

14 May
10:33 2015

İZMİR (DİHA) - While the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) have accelerated its election works in Aegean province of Izmir, the deputy candidates of the party have come together with textile workers within their election campaign.

The labourers, working in the textile factories in Çiğli district of the city, said they had voted for the CHP until now, but from now on they would vote for the HDP. The textile workers callen on their friends, "We must support the HDP for our rights and future. Votes for HDP this time."

'HDP is party of workers'

Textile worker named Rıza Taş defined the HDP as party of leftists and workers, adding HDP was the only party to hinder the AKP. "There are 5 votes inside our party. Two of them for CHP, and 3 for the HDP. It is vital for us that HDP will become at the parliment. It's long-waited leftist party. HDP is the party of labourers. Even our pro-MHP friends are pointing to Demirtaş - HDP general co-chair - and saying how beautiful he speaks," indicated Taş and concluded they would vote for the HDP against the aggressive politics of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

'I am CHP members, but I'll vote HDP'

Another textile worker, Birgül Kazan, said she was member of the CHP, but added, "As a family we are supporter of CHP. But, we will vote for HDP at these elections. Only HDP can carry our voices to the parliament. Everybody should give a chance to the HDP at these elections."

'To enter elections as a party is indication of courage'

Orhan Şentürk, one of the textile workers declaring his support for the HDP, told his feelings, "Workers and labourers have lots of problems. None of the parties does not see or care us. But, the HDP is caring us, its candidates are going to factories and introducing its candidates. I will vote for HDP. To enter elections as a party is indication of courage. And we will support this courage."