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Seasonal workers: Demirtaş understands us better

12 May
12:06 2015


- The seasonal workers in Turkey have to work and live in bad conditions.

The seasonal workers in Turkey work in the nut and tea vineyards in Black Sea region, in the sugar beet and peanut fields in Central Anatolian Region and the cotton fields in Mediterranean Region. The Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir is one of the major address of the seasonal workers.

14 hours a day for 45-50 liras

Seasonal workers, coming from Kurdish cities of Batman, Diyarbakır, Urfa, Şırnak and Syria, have to live in bad and difficult conditions in Harmandalı village bound to Mahmudiye district of Eskişehir. Hundreds of Syrian refugees have to live as seasonal workers there. The seasonal workers are working in the sugar beet fields 14 hours a day, but they are taking only 45-50 liras.

One of the seasonal workers, Mehmet Emin Dağbaşı, said they had to spend both winter and summer in the tents there. "The weather is hot now. Nobody has never found a solution to the matter of the seasonal workers yet. You can see our matters. The politicians are coming and say they will resolve our matters. But, nobody has returned us yet," added Dağbaşı.

'Demirtaş understands us better'

He added, "Whoever takes the lead in the upcoming elections, I want him or her to resolve our matter. Selahattin Demirtaş - generel co-chair of the HDP - is a person from our region. He understands us better. We want to support HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) in June 7th elections. But, we cannot vote as we are in the region".

Another seasonal worker also spoke about their problems and called on workers solidarity for the HDP.