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Ecologists not to allow city to be pillaged

12 May
11:24 2015

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - The Amed Ecology Assembly and the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement has issued a statement protesting the opening up of a wooded area in the city to development. Environmentalists said they would not allow the city to be pillaged in this way.

Components of the Amed Ecology Assembly and the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement issued a press statement condemning the opening up of the area around the 9th Region Road directorate to development.

Activist Çilem Akkaya said: “If the area in which the road directorate is situated, an area of 28,500 square metres, is opened up to development, this will mean the only source of fresh air in the Yenişehir area will disappear.”

‘We will exercise all our legitimate rights’

Akkaya said the development plan should be cancelled and the area in question protected. “As the Amed Ecology Assembly we state we will not allow this pillaging to take place. We have started a petition to gain support for our protest. We invite everyone to join our campaign,” she added.