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Jurisdiction says 'stop' to pillage at Dicle Valley and Hevsel

7 May
13:23 2015

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - The Diyarbakır First Administrative Court has stopped the implementation of the verdict removing 7,517-decare agricultural estate at Dicle Valley from agricultural quality.

The decision was made upon the application of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. Turkey's Unity of Architects' and Engineers' Chambers (TMMOB) had applied to the Administrative Court to "stop the implementation of the verdict" and "nullity of judgment".

The court notes that the verdict of Provincal Soil Protection Council is lack of legal basis and was not compliance with laws. It adds that the verdict can induce hard to recover destructions and decides on "stopping the implementation".

TMMOB Diyarbakır Provincal Coordination Board held a press meeting in Diyarbakır. Provincal Coordination Board Secretary Gurbet Örçen said the verdict was of vital importance for them. "This verdict is important especially for the nomination process of UNESCO World Heritage. This verdict will set a precedent from now on," said Örçen.

President of Agriculture Engineers Chamber Jehat Şengal spoke and said, "The century-old agricultural estate, Hevsel Gardens, have not been sacrificied to rent upon this recent verdict. This territory is unique in the world, so it must be protected."