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May Day arrests ongoing in Istanbul

1 May
13:54 2015

ISTANBUL (DİHA) - The May Day crisis desk set up by lawyers has reported that there have been 80 arrests so far in Istanbul.

The May Day crisis desk formed by lawyers from different lawyers’ organisations and lawyers from political groups has reported that the names of 80 people have been reported to the desk so far in Istanbul. As of 11.40 they said 150 people had been arrested in connection with May Day, but that they only had the names of 80 of those arrested. . The crisis desk said the detentions have mostly been carried out in Okmeydanı, Beşiktaş, Zincirlikuyu and Şişli. The lawyers at the crisis desk will apply to the legal authorities for the immediate release of the detainees.

The lawyers further reported that public transport vehicles were stopped in Avcılar, Kadıköy, Balmumcu, Ümraniye and Sefaköy in order to prevent people reaching Taksim.

In the meantime, police intervened in a march heading to Taksim from Okmeydanı, firing gas bombs and water cannon on the crowd. The workers are reportedly responding to police attacks by throwing stones.