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'No to nuclear' rally in Sinop

25 April
17:23 2015

İSTANBUL (DİHA) - Thousands of people said "Long live life just to spite nuclear" at anti-nuclear rally in northern province of Sinop in the Black Sea region.

Anti-nuclear Platform (NKP) organized a rally in Sinop province against nuclear power plants to be built across the country. Thousands of ecology and habitat defenders met in front of the historical Sinop Prison and marched towards Square Uğur Mumcu.

In addition to pro-ecology associations like Munzur Environment Union (MÇD), also the SYKP, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), ESP, Partisan and non-governmental organizations supported the rally. The crowds shouted the slogans of "Shoulder in shoulder against nuclear", "Long live life just to spite nuclear" and "No to nuclear" along the rally.

Speaking in the rally, Sinop NKP Speaker Zeki Karataş said, "I am saluting all these people standing against those who have turned Sinop and Akkuyu into bloodbath. We will conduct struggle shoulder in shoulder against nuclear powe plants". Switzerland Anti-nuclear Platform also sent a solidarity message, noting "Your struggle is ours".

Confederation of Public Workers' Unions (KESK) General Co-chair Şaziye Köse emphasized that the capitalism was threatening the humanity and added, "This calamity is promising us death under the banner of improving and producing energy. However, we are not afraid of such policies. Our struggle will continue and throw your brutal policies into the dustbin of the history".

The crowds of people danced traditionals halays and horons as the artists took scene in the wake of speeches.