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Unemployment rose to 11.3 percent

15 April
14:07 2015

ANKARA (DİHA) - TÜİK’s data shows that the number of unemployed persons has risen by 454 thousand between January 2014 and 2015. Youth unemployment rate was announced as 20 percent.

Number of unemployed persons in Turkey aged 15 and above rose by 454 thousand between January of 2014 and 2015, adding up to 3,259,000 unemployed. The unemployment rate was pronounced as 11.3 percent after a 1 percent increase. Unemployment rate figured 10.9 percent in December 2014.

Turkey Statistics Organization (TÜİK) data shows that non-agricultural unemployment also rose by 1.3 points and became 13,4%. Youth unemployment rate encompassing the 15-24 age group was announced as 20 percent, having increased by 2.3 points. This rate was 11.6% in the 15-64 age group, after a 1.1-point increase.


The employment rate at the same period was announced as 44,3%. In January of 2015, the number of employed persons had risen by 998,000 persons from the same time last year, adding up to 25,454,000 persons.

Agricultural employees rose by 55,000 people in this period, while non-agricultural workers rose by 943,000. 19% of those employed work in agriculture, 21% in industry, 6.7% in construction, and 53.3% in the service sector.

Participation in the workforce

TÜİK reported the rate of participation in the workforce to be 50%. In January of 2015, the workforce had risen by 1,452,000 persons from the same time last year, adding up to 28,713,000 persons. According to comparisons made between the same periods, male participation in the workforce rose by 1.2 points reaching 70.5%, while female participation increased by 2.3 points to reach 29.9%.


Some of TÜİK’s January 2015 data is as follows: * 32.4% work informally. * Employment free of seasonal effects increased. This rose by 156 thousand people and reached 26,379,000. * Rate of participation in the workforce free of seasonal effects increased by 0.1 points compared to the previous period and became 51,1%. * The greatest increase in employment by economic activity was observed in industry with 83 thousand people.