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33 more youngs join in YPG ranks in Efrîn

14 April
15:03 2015

EFRÎN (DİHA) - 33 young fighters have joined the ranks of YPG (People's Defense Units) after completing their military training.

The “Martyr Hawar” training cycle at Martyr Xebat Military Academy in Efrîn Canton of West Kurdistan, Rojava, has ended.

33 youths have graduated from the two-months cycle during which they received military training as well as lessons on Kurdistan History, The Leader Reality, Democratic Autonomous Administration, Women's History, and Trade of War.

Besides Efrîn Canton Council of Defense President Ebdo Îbrahîm, many fighters and commanders of the YPG/YPJ also attended the military ceremony which was followed by one minute's silence for the martyrs of revolution and pledge of allegiance to the people and the martyrs of revolution.

The ceremony which marked the joining of the new graduates to YPG/YPJ ranks ended with slogans praising the Kobanê resistance.