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2nd conference of Ciwanên Azad begins in Cologne

28 March
16:38 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - The second conference of the Kurdish Youth Organisation in Europe, Ciwanen Azad, has started today in the German city of Cologne with a mass participation of youths from all over Europe.

The congress of the youth organisation gains importance as it aims to form a confederative structure bringing many youth organisations under one umbrella as a means of extending and strengthening the organizational structure of the youth in Europe in a democratic way to build an ecologist, democratic system based on women’s liberation. The conference hall is decorated with posters of the Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan and pictures of those who fell in Kobanê resistance as well as many placards saluting the Kobanê resistance and the struggle of the youth. The conference kicked off with one minute’s silence for all those who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom.

The Kurdish Leader has sent a message to the congress saluting the youth. The message of the Kurdish Leader was read out at the conference to the accompaniment of applause and slogans. Following the reading out of the message of the Kurdish Leader, a council to moderate the congress was elected and the agenda of the conference was set.

HDP Batman deputy Ayla Ata Akat is also attending the congress.