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March to be held against HES in Dargeçit

28 March
12:26 2015

MARDİN (DİHA) - A march against hydroelectric power plants (HES) and dams will be staged in Dargeçit district of Mardin tomorrow.

In a press release about the march led by Mesopotamia Ecology Movement, DBP (Party of Democratic Regions, formerly BDP) district co-chair Abdurrahman Arslan put emphasis on the damage caused by HES and dam constructions on the ecology and nature. Arslan remarked that the Turkish state which evacuated villages in Kurdistan in 90's now forced the population in North Kurdistan villages and rural areas by means of HES constructions.

DBP Dargeçit district co-chair called on everyone to ensure strong participation in the march against HES and dam constructions destroying the nature of Kurdistan lands.