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Destruction of nature protested with march

9 March
21:31 2015

BATMAN (DİHA) - Members of the Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) Batman Youth Assembly has organised a protest march against the construction plans of hydroelectric power plants and dams in Hasankeyf.

Gathering in front of the Batman municipality building, the youths started their march towards Hasaykeyf with a banner which reads “Reclaim your water, soil, energy, street, history”. The march has been organised against the construction of hydroelectric powers and dams which will cause enormous destruction of the ecological balance of the region as well as of historical settlements, such as the Ilısu dam being built in 12 thousand years old ancient city Hasankeyf.

The march of the youth is also supported by the co-mayor of Batman, Gülistan Akel, who said that she found it utmost important that the youth reclaimed their nature and history. Ferzende Avcı from the Youth Assembly read out a press statement in front of the municipality building before the start of the march, saying that the youth of Kurdistan have launched a new move against the destruction of nature in their lands. Avcı stressed that the destruction of the history and nature in Kurdistan had always been a part of colonialist policies of the Turkish republic on the Kurds.

“The reckless attacks of the capitalist system on our history, forests, rivers continue” said Avcı, adding that it was primarily the youth that will resist against this plunder and reclaim the water, soil, culture, energy resources, and history of Kurdistan.