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They are producing their own electricity with system they created

13 February
11:50 2015


BİTLİS (DİHA) – Recai İnan together with his older brother created electric power station from the old gristmill close to their house in Geliye Axkis, a village of the city of Bitlis.

İnan family made use of a gristmill that stayed from Armenians close to their house in the old Armenian village, Geliye Axkis, and created an energy system. Creating a natural way of energy production, İnan’s family is getting all of their electrical energy from this source. They used pipes to bring the water from the stream and they installed a generator and propeller in the gristmill.

The propeller that spins with the power of the running water creates about 3000 kilowatt energy daily and Inan family is using this energy in their 5-room house and 4 shops that they own. While the power cut happens from time to time in other household of the village, Inan family can make use of the stored energy.

‘We are not paying for electricity’

İnan stated, “My brother knew about electricity. There was an old gristmill in the town. We created an energy station in the same place. I installed a radiator heating system in the house after this. We are both getting warm with this energy but not paying at the same time”.