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Academy of Social Economy initiates 4th training session

16 January
15:05 2015

DÊRIK (DİHA) - Academy of Social Economy organizes the fourth training session in Dêrik.

Thirty members of Center for Developing Economy (NGARK) in Cizîre Canton attended the new session called Session of Martyr Kendal. The training will last for 17 days. The attendees started the new session with one-minute silence in memory of the martyrs. Then Executive Member of the Women branch of NGARK Sîlva Elî made a speech on the improtance of such trainings for the developing economy in Rojava.

Kamîran Ebdulezîz, another executive member of NGARK, noted that the social economy proposed by leader of the Kurds Abdullah Öcalan is for all people in Rojava.

The training session includes lectures on ideology, economy in the state and capitalism, reality of administration, history of Kurdistai women and finance, and joint projects.