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Iran opens largest gold mine of Middleast in Rojhîlat amid deprivation of Kurds

23 November
12:12 2014

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - On 15th November 2014, Iranian government claimed it has inaugurates the Middle East’s largest gold mine located at 35Km east of Tikab city (Urmiye province).

According to Hossein Qoli Qowanloo, the project executive of equipping ‘Zarshooran’ Mine, Iran’s capacity to produce gold with this gold plant increases to 5.5 tons per year, nearly twice the amount. As claimed by BBC News Agency, head of Iranian mining industry Mehdi Karbasian said: “Initially we predicted the amount of mineral resources in this complex to be 55 tons, but after further checking by Geological and Mineral Exploration organization the amount rise to 110 tons.

United States and European Union has banned trade of gold and any other precious metals with Iranian government. While first and second largest gold mines in Middle East are located at Tikab city but the rate of deprivation, poverty, and unemployment is very high in this region and the gold mines like any other natural resources and treasures in Kurdistan, are never utilized to improve the condition of the region.

Due to geopolitics situation of Urmiye province, it has always been under attention of Iranian governments. The Molla’s regime avoids investing in the province as they view the region as a security threat. Furthermore, mismanagement of authorities has caused people of this state to emigrate to Tehran and other large cities in hope of finding a job.

According to Karbasin, over $63 million was invested in development Zarshooran Gold Mine and Canadian, British and South African engineers were the first to discover the gold mine in four years of exploration. Previous to opening of Zarshooran, Agh Dareh gold mine with capacity of 2 tons of gold production per year was the largest gold mine in Iran which is also located 30 KM from Tikab.

The gold complex of Moote was also the first gold extraction factory in Iran located 50 KM city of Golpayegan was set up its operation on 1993 with assistance of an Australian company.