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Clocks to be turned back by one hour on Sunday

25 October
12:48 2014

ANKARA (DİHA) - Daylight-saving time in Turkey will end on Sunday and clocks across the country will be turned back one hour at 4:00 a.m. on October 26.

Clocks across Turkey were last put forward to daylight-saving time for an hour on March 31 to save electricity. Turkey is estimated to have saved about 800 million-1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity through switching to daylight-saving time for seven months. This amount is equal to that of the annual power production of a middle-scale hydroelectric power plant.

Daylight-saving time was first used in northern European countries like Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom during World War I to conserve coal, and was first introduced in Turkey by law in 1925. Turkey adopted daylight-saving time to keep its clocks in sync with those of European countries and to decrease the demand for electricity in the early evening hours.