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KRG rises oil price

2 September
14:31 2014

HEWLÊR (DİHA) - Kurds in South Kurdistan last week took the streets to protest increasing prices of oil in Hewlêr, Ranya, Helepçe, Seyîd Sadiq and many other regions.

KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) released an official statement regarding the rise and said that "due to the expenditures for the refugees, KRG had to increase the price". KRG Finance Minister Rêbaz Mûhammed talking to Rûdaw TV said that "the protestors are right yet they have consider the conditions. If every party or politician speaks differently on that issue then it will become a political problem. Kurds need unity in such times. Due to transportation of the refugess, the government had to rise the price."

According to official statements, KRG hosts 1.4 million refugees. Finance Ministry claims that it buys oil for 1100 Dinars and sells for 900 Dinars, already loses 200 Dinars per liter.