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Support for writer Levi

26 July
12:05 2014

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - TYS and PEN decried the targeting of Turkeyan writer Mario Levi’s inclusion in the “Israeli products to boycott” list on social media.

Writers’ Union of Turkey (TYS) and PEN Turkey also made declarations in support of the writer Mario Levi from Turkey after his inclusion in the “Israeli products to boycott” list over social media.

TYS: Levi is not a dartboard; he is a writer from Turkey

“As the Israeli government’s massacre in Gaza continues, the arrows of violence that have made a habit of talking down to people are targeting our country’s citizens. “The idea that Turkey’s and Turkish’s writer Mario Levi should be subjected to racist attacks and his books protested along with Israeli products is a black mark on humanity. “Mario Levi is not a dartboard for those who cannot take on Israel. He is a writer of Turkey. “The parties to be protested are not Mario Levi and his books, but the international foci of capital that choose to remain silent as Palestine is destroyed, the governments that have rendered racism a part of our daily lives, and their extensions. “The people and the nations suffering oppression can only live in a good world together through the language of peace, and not through valor, hate, or racism.”

PEN: An embarrassing dishonor

“We are with our fellow citizen, our novelist and Executive Board member Mario Levi. “Our expert writer Mario Levi's works are a gift from Turkey to the world. For some of the protestors of the Israeli government to target his novels constitutes racism and impertinence, an embarrassing dishonor. We strongly condemn this inhumane and fascist approach.” “It seems some have included my books in the “Jewish products” to boycott. I have experienced this too in my beloved and beautiful country.” Levi had tweeted on July 23.

Those supporting Levi had started the hashtag #MarioLeviTürkiyedir, while Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer Çelik had deemed Levi’s inclusion in the list a “hate crime”. *Source: bianet